What is a power trail ?

Boxes with 161 m in between clearly visible in the distance. Right, that is one kind of PT.

Boxes taking you for a longer walk where the route is the target and the distance is longer between boxes requiring some more leg power. Yes, that is another kind of PT.

So which is better ?


In the case you are only out for statistics then the first. In the case you are up to exploring an area deeper and make a long enjoyable walk then the later.

I will focus on the later one only.

You may argue there is already one long walking trail in the valley so why another one. The simple answer is that it is so beautiful so the area can easily stand more trails. In the end it is your choice.

The new trail will be an easier walk than the BNAPT series but still far from a walk in a park. I hope to put around 50-60 new caches along the walk. Including some bonus caches. Since we know the land owners this should be possible to accomplish as long as the reviewer grants the publish permission.