Iceland Summer 2018 International GEOCACHING Event Series

Iceland International Geocaching Events - version 2 (IIGE2)

will mainly take place during July and August, starting end of June 2018 in the Myvatn area.


One of the superior things with geocaching is that it fully comes for free ! There is no fee of any kind to pay if you want to join an event or log a geocache. The only costs which may be involved are those for covering an overnight stay or for travel to an event site. Compare this to all other organised activities driven by profit ! We do these events because we like to do things together and to have fun only ! I hope you will find your pick among the many events on offer suiting your specific wants and needs ! If you have more ideas around event content then why not post me a line !

Feel very welcome to join !

Why international ? Iceland with its 320 000 inhabitants has 6 times more visitors than inhabitants yearly !! The international contribution is thus already there. Most people visit and stay in the Reykjavik and Myvatn areas so it is time to attract more people to some of the northern parts too. Akureyri is the number one city when Icelanders choose a travel destination outside Reykjavik themselves.

Check out the tab Event ideas above on the lower part of the picture where you will find the links and a lot of other information too !

Events are open to all people who just want to meet and chat, ie also non geocachers, whilst signing the log on will include accomplishing the event task. Using a log book is not mandatory any longer for geocaching events but I will provide a log list/book for the events. If you want to log your visit on an event on you will need an account there which is free of charge at basic member level. Why not do like more than 6 million people already have done worldwide and register your own account ! At you will find how to procede and it only takes some minutes to complete and it is spam free too. By doing this you will be able to see all the information related to in the links provided for each event found under the event tab above. Coordinates for the events are not possible to see if you are not a member. In case you do not want to register as a member but want to join an event anyhow you can contact me for detailed info.

All event contents including the event dates are not fixed yet but will be within the coming months so you can then set your travel plans in accordance with the time schedule.

If you want to join an event but are lacking a vehicle it might be possible to go with event owner or other participants if there is free space in a car and it fits the timing. Calculate to share costs for the ride. Write a note on the corresponding event page or drop me a line by using the Contact tab.

Due to changeable weather conditions it may become necessarry to slightly reschedule and I will try to have an alternative event plan if the scheduled event can not take place at the specified place with the described content - if possible.

A drizzle or a bit of raining is no reason to cancel an event. In doubt what is to happen contact event owner for actual information and check event page for announcements.


If granted by the reviewer between 50 and 100 new geocaches will be placed including traditional, multi, mystery and earth caches. The majority will be in the form of a highland walking power trail.


You may explore even more information on this site by clicking the tabs marked event ideas, travel info, practical stuff etc found on the lower part of the picture above :-)