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Due to event regulations around where it is suitable to publish and on what day to publish most likely perhaps four to five of the event ideas will become real events. But there is still a possibility to meet and chat in accordance with the plan. Just send a comment if you find something interesting and we set a time.


GC7NH4E - published
28.06 Meet and greet in Myvatn

A day in the Myvatn area starting when the bus arrives from Akureyri at 10.15 and ending with an event to inspire on what more can be seen and done.

There are so many spectacular things to see here ! Event site will be easy reachable for people coming by normal 2x4 car or by bus from Akureyri (http://www.nat.is/travelguideeng/bus_stop_akureyri_egilsstadir.htm) and it is possible to walk to many of the interesting places from the main roads too. For those who want to explore the area on their own this is of course fine too. A normal 2x4 car will reduce your transportation time between the different sites to a minimum. Also for the 4x4 freak there is a hefty option outlined.


GC7NJ7N - this event was not approved by the reviewer and is thus not being published. The reason is too close to the Myvatn event and being held on a workday.

but there still remains the possibility to meet and chat even if it is not possible to log

29.06 Meet and greet at Dettifoss - the mighty waterfall

A trip to Dettifoss and A'sbyrgi. Event to take place on the western riverside where nowadays also 4*2 vehicles can drive.


GC7NJ9E - published

01.07 Meet and greet on Hrisey. Starting point is moved to Akureyri instead for later transport northwards for those who want this.

Hrisey is an island in Eyjafjördur reachable with a small passenger ferry from A'rsko'gssandur. The trip takes 15 minutes and costs 1500 ISK/person. There are about 200 people living on the small island which is ideal for a small walk. The northern part is strictly private and requires permission from the landowner to cross.

On Hrisey you can find a small shop, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a museum and a guesthouse.

The event willl start before lunch in Akureyri. The plan is then to go north, take the ferry and walk on the island searching for the one cache and watch birds and nature..



GC7NJBW - published

05.07 Event in Landmannalaugar

If weather is fine we make the longer Skalli walk. If not an option is to climb the nearby Bla'hnju'kur summit. Starting time at 8 am.


GC7NYND - published

08.07 Australia Mega promotion event

Event to take place in a central small park between 1000 to 1200 hours. A small bumerang throwing competition will take place if not too windy.

After the event there is room for a trip to some place in the vicinity.



15.07 Barðaströnd and Bildudalur (or 14.07)

After a walk to Bjartangaviti (N65°30′08.7″ W24°31′53.9″) which marks the westernmost point of Iceland and also is the westernmost building of Europe a visit to the monster museum in Bildudalur might be an interesting way to end the trip.


Very prel start date ! May become extended one day if the walk starts in Gil

23.7 Start of 4 day walk in Fjörður - the sequel.

In 2013 we made this terrific walk and decided to redo it once more.

The walk into the Fjörður mountain area will take its start in Gil but for those arriving by a normal 2x4 car it better starts in Grenivík unless yo want to add a 25 km walk or start your approach one day earlier. Here some practical arrangements with transportation will need to find a solution if there are many people lacking the ability to get to Gil.

As an alternative a boat trip taking us from Grenivik to the hut in Keflavik will be investigated too.

On the homepage for the events you are asked if you have the possibility to go to the starting point in Gil on your own or if you need assistance to get there from Grenivík. Depending on the amount of people we might have to rent a 4x4 bus with driver to transport ourselves the 25 km.

Event owner will be in Grenivík to help out in accordance with your indicated transportation choice.

If you sign will attend without writing anything around your transportation needs I assume that you will fix the transport to Gil on your own. Remember that the walk will end in Grenivik in case you left your car in Gil !

Event site is close to the sea in the afternoon. There is plenty of space for raising a tent and there are still some bed places available in this hut. Bed places need to be reserved well in advance and cost less than 10 Euro/person and night (price 2013 to be updated). I will reserve and also prepay the bed places for the people who are registed up till the end of June. If you want to be sure to get a bed place in the hut you need to contact me for a written confirmation. Even if there are 16 bed places in 2 of the 3 huts not all are prepaid by me meaning that other walkers might have claimed them without my knowledge. Camping is for free. Tap water and toilet are provided but expect no luxury.

There are no possibilities to shop along the walk. Provide yourself with food for the walking extent you planned for. Drinking water is available in every creek we will cross. Best place for supplies is in Akureyri but Grenivík also holds a small shop in case you just forgot something.

Snow conditions can be extreme with lots of late snow in May. The track to Gil may be  closed and only reachable with snow mobile why the boat alternative will be investigated.


24.7 part 2 of 4 day walk in Fjörður

Event site will be in Keflavík near the sea. See more general information in text above on start of walk. In case the hut is fully booked there is plenty of free camping area for your tent instead.

25.7 part 3 of 4 day walk in Fjörður

Event site will be in Látur near the sea. See more general information in the text on start above.

26.7 last part of 4 day walk in Fjörður

Event site will be the old former farm ruins of Grimsnes along Látraströnd on the route to Grenivík. You can attend the event without having done the walk over the mountains the days before. A 4x4 drive followed by a walk coming from Grenivik is possible too.

Fjördur walk ends in Grenivik, at the car park close to the school. In plan is also to visit the warm pool and have a well deserved hot bath after the walk for those who want to. A visit to Laufás on the way back to Akureyri is an option too.

For those who left their vehicle in Grenivík trip is over.

If you left it in Gil a transport is needed there to get it. It is very important that you write your needs when signing will attend on the cache page. If not, you take a risk of getting stranded in Grenivík or in Gil ! The alternative boat trip will remedy this situation.


XX.7 5,5 days Öskjuvegur walk - 110-120 km (17+21+16+17+30+9)

The walk starts at Svart'arkot in Bardardal following Sudura' down to the hut Botni followed by the hut Dyngjufjöll where one branches off uphill to Jo'nsskard at 1340m height . From there to Askja on the gravel track. Next day up to the small hut at Braedrafell from where the 30 km walk over several different lava fields in the O'da'dahraun follows. This is a spectacular part. I did this back in 2001. The long day ends in a hut close to Sudura' again, Botni. The last day goes back to Svarta'rkot  from where the trip started.

More info here where they do not make a round walk but end up at Herdubreidarlindir instead : https://www.fi.is/en/hiking-trails/oskjuvegur



XX.7 am Sexhólagil walk

A lovely not so known small canyon which is a perfect place to meet, chat and have a picnic in before it gets time to enjoy the walk. A first acquaintance with the mountains in Bárðardalur. We will meet at given coords and take the stroll along the small creek up the canyon where the event will take place. After the event you are free to visit the around 50-60 new caches placed to walk and enjoy. For those who done the BNAPT walk this walk is easier and for those who are new to the area be prepared for a long day up the mountain.

There is a new land owner here now who has to be informed first to get consent.


XX.7 or 8 2 days 4x4 Gaesavatn - following Skjálfandafljót on its eastern side to its sources.

For the 4x4 freak the ultimate trip to Gaesavatn on the eastern side (rarely frequented) of Skjálfandafljót passing by Gjallandi, the beautiful waterfall, aswell as Laufrönd and Marteinsflaeða ( I will keep what you will face there a secret). At site there is a choice to later go east in two ways. Straight east by Urðarháls or the F910 by first going north and then east.

For those who want to split to Reykjavik the track goes west crossing Jökullfall streams from Tungnafellsjökull to the hut in Jökuldalir. This is a very beautiful trip but perhaps for the more daring ones with some glacial water streams to cross ! As usual when it comes to crossing glacial water, go during early hours before the melting starts. The main stream of Skjálfandafljót called Rjúpnabrekkukvisl is bridged since more than 20 years back in time.

Event site will be close to the small lake Gaesavatn where there is a private locked hut. Camping on grass is possible close to the lake. We will ask if it is possible to rent the hut for a night or two. More info on this when there is a definite answer. Check cache page for details on this.

We will explore the magnificent Vonarskard from the distance. For those who want to go down into the beautiful valley, Snapadalur is an obvious target too with its solfatares.


XX.7 or 8  4x4 Trölladyngja - the ultimate lava field hike

Starting at Gaesavatn the target is to climb up the mighty Volcano Trölladyngja that has once shaped the whole landscape north of Vatnajökull. If not driveable from the F track this means around 20 km walking in the lava fields enjoying the different kinds of lava. Best approach is from the old gaesavatnaleid.

I will try to keep the 4x4 adventures together in a block for those who want to rent a 4x4 for a limited time period only. 
To make the 4x4 roundtrip I recommend a heavier jeep with sturdy tires (examples :  Landcruiser, Terrano, Discovery, Land Rover etc) low drive gearbox and reasonable ground clearance. There are some glacial waters to cross where water level can be crucial for the smallest jeeps. There are many jeep-wanna-bes around which look like jeeps but which do not have the capabilities like higher ground clearance and a low drive gearbox.
You will face some really tough and demanding 4x4 driving taking you to the most remote parts of the country. The drives are an adventure when at their best !! I have done them all earlier and I can guarantee you lifetime memorable moments !

A snow shovel, a towing rope and battery cables are good options to bring.

Also be prepared for that you will have to bring cooking equipment and a tent for at least one night at Gaesavatn if you decide to stay there over night.

Do not to forget to supply yourself with food and gas for the whole trip - before you start the trip !




XX.7 or 8 4x4 Langanes

Exploring the old herring landing areas as well as the old light house at the eastern peak.



XX.8 3-4 days Walking in the Borgarfjördur Eystri area

Detailed program to follow. Idea is to walk between huts but tent may become neccessary if huts are fully booked.





 I am looking forward to your comments !